Braddock Peak 11,972'

Braddock Peak from the north.  Photo: Rob Writz

Braddock Peak is one of the three mountains that frame the classic view on the south side of Cameron Pass. Nokhu Crags, Mount Mahler, and Braddock Peak are all visible from Colorado Highway 14 on the south side of the Pass. Braddock Peak's clean symmetry will call to you, and it is a popular peak for skiing and splitboarding. The summit of Braddock Peak provides stunning views of the south side of the Diamond Peaks, Nokhu Crags, Static Peak, Mount Ricthofen, and the north side of Mount Mahler. The mountain is entirely contained within State Forest State Park.

Braddock Peak is also called No Name. There are two other “No Name” peaks in this guidebook so we will stick to calling this one Braddock. The mountain is highly accessible in the winter via the Lake Agnes Trail. The Nokhu Hut and Agnes Hut, managed by Never Summer Nordic, sit near the base of Braddock and provide shelter for overnight adventures in this area.

The North Face of Braddock Peak is basically one massive avalanche path that extends to the clearings south of the huts. The "Z" is the most commonly climbed and skied route on the north side of Braddock. The "Z" and the nearby Pencil are best skied with spring powder or spring corn. Both conditions require a stable and deep snowpack to reduce snow slide risk. Be extremely careful if you are skiing on this face, as an avalanche here will be catastrophic. Don’t let the lure of March and April warmth fool you; there are always winter layers hiding in the snowpack on north faces such as Braddock until late spring. The west side of Braddock has a different, gentle personality and has a long slope and gully leading to the basin below Seven Utes Mountain.


1 - The Z

  • Rating: II D8
  • Season: Spring
  • Exposure: Northeast
  • Vertical: 1,700’
  • Approach Elevations: 9,700’ – 11,972’
  • Approach Distance: From Nokhu Hut and Agnes Lake Parking: 3 Miles
  • Top of Route Waypoint: 40.48, -105.9128

The Z is essentially the North Face of Braddock Peak. The route is named after this letter because it zigs and zags its way down the mountain. The descent starts just below the summit and also below a slightly corniced ridge extending to the east. Ascending and descending this route in the winter is extremely dangerous. It is prudent to wait until the snowpack has stabilized in the spring.

From Lake Agnes Trailhead, ski down to the Seven Utes snowmobile trail (note the orange markers); take this east and down to the bridge over the Michigan River (0.65 miles from the start). Follow the blue signs south for the Nokhu/Agnes Cabins. When the trail to the huts breaks right, continue straight and south on the road towards the old Lake Agnes cabin, about 1.85 miles from the trailhead. [40.4898, -105.9034] Just before the cabin you enter a large clearing on the right. From this clearing you look directly up at Braddock Peak. From here you can climb to the base of the Z. Climb into the North Face of Braddock Peak from this clearing, and then ascend into the Z. Trend to the climber's left and then follow the slight east-trending ridge to the summit.


Nokhu Hut and Agnes Lake Parking (9,700’)

Cameron Pass is about 68 miles from Fort Collins and about 31 miles from Walden on Highway 14. The Nokhu Hut and Agnes Lake Parking is 2.5 miles west of Cameron Pass on Highway 14. The Nokhu Crags are in State Forest State Park, and there is a self-service kiosk at the trailhead to pay the$3 individual day pass to access the state park.


Below we have included a link to a Google interactive map and a curated list of photos of the mountain.

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Clicking on map above will open interactive Google map website