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Climb higher, ski farther, and shred deeper pow! Backcountry Skiing Berthoud Pass is now available as a book and an app. The creators of Front Range Ski Mountaineering have teamed up with Beacon Guidebooks and Rakkup to put Berthoud Pass beta in your hands! Order the book now at Beacon Guidebooks or download and purchase the app at Rakkup.

Beacon Guidebook’s Off-Piste Ski Atlas is the perfect photographic guidebook for backcountry skiing Berthoud Pass. This portable book offers a detailed map of the Pass, aerial photographs of each zone,  and graphical keys designed to give the you the most pertinent information for riding the Pass safely and wisely. The guidebook is light, compact, and durable enough to take with you on your adventures.

The Rakkup app allows users to purchase and save the Berthoud Pass guidebook to your smart device. Once downloaded, the book is available online. Berthoud Pass is then linked to the GPS mapping system, zoomable topo maps, detailed route descriptions, and a searchable descent list. Download the Rakkup for free on Apple’s App Store or Google Play, then select Berthoud Pass for purchase and download. 

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