Welcome to Front Range Ski Mountaineering! Colorado’s Front Range is blessed with an amazing spring and summer ski mountaineering season that usually runs from mid-April to mid-June. Some permanent snowfields provide skiing opportunities into the summer. We soft launched the website in early May for Colorado Front Range ski mountaineers to get their hands on, use, and provide feedback. We hope that you enjoy using this site and we welcome your feedback, changes, new routes, and insights. Please see the contact page for more information on how to reach us.

This is a “where to” guide, not a “how to guide”. We provide information to help you identify and reach some of the best ski mountaineering descents on Colorado’s Front Range. Snow is a changing medium and we don’t know what you will encounter when you go. The trail may be snow covered all the way from the trailhead, or perhaps you are walking in hiking boots for several miles before you reach snow, who knows? The route may be filled with a ton of snow from a big winter and moderate the pitch, or it may be a drought year and the couloir is steeper than normal and littered with rocks and fluted ridges. We do our best to describe the route and approach at a high level during an “average” year at the common times for Front Range ski mountaineering.

Ski mountaineering is a dangerous activity. With experience and good judgement it can be a really fun and addictive activity. To develop that experience and good judgement we suggest that you get a mentor to guide you through the experience, mountains, skills, and equipment. There are also several excellent ski mountaineering guide services in the Front Range and these are listed on the resources page of this site.

We will be updating this site throughout the spring. There will be many more peaks and routes added during this time. We will tune the site based on user feedback and then have it really ready to go for the 2015 season. Watch for detailed updates on Twitter @FRskimo and for high level updates on this blog.

Thank you!

Front Range Ski Mountaineering